The proposed multi-family housing building on a plot of land on Avenida da Marginal, parish of Canidelo, Vila Nova de Gaia, is located about 40m from the west end of a land perpendicular to the sea, respecting the limit defined by the POOC (Landing Plan of the Coastal Edge), this boundary that intersects the land in an upper platform existing on it.

As it is a lot without constructions and with regular geometry, it has large altimetric differences at its ends (west and east), exposing the aforementioned platform at an upper level, about 6m above the access road.

In this way, the project bases the building at the natural level of the land (upper level), stabilizing it and assuming it for the construction of 2 floors below ground (for parking) and 6 above it (for multifamily housing).

Regarding accesses, these are developed at the western end of the lot, given the relationship with the public road on the seafront.